WebClassifieds.US Website Review & Ratings + WebClassifieds.US Coupons
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WebClassifieds.US Website Review & Ratings + WebClassifieds.US Coupons

WebClassifieds.US: Products & Services

Webclassified.us is a free classified ad posting website that allows buyers as well as sellers to use the website’s various services for free ad creation. The site offers one unlimited number of ads for free along with features like one free photo per ad, one free YouTube video and free ad renewals.The site also provides paid features like addition of headings in bold, additional YouTube videos and photos, featured ads, homepage featured ads, additional graphics and many more.

WebClassifieds.US: Company Background

The site was started in the year 2004 and since then its principle of providing free ads has remained the same although the site has come a long way from that time with better features and many more users participating in the site’s activities. The site provides free ad posting opportunities to all the registered users. The location of the site’s headquarters or its any details about its founders is unknown.

WebClassifieds.US: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are no site reviews for webclassifieds.us and as the site doesn’t directly involve in manufacturing or selling of its own products, no product reviews could be found either. There are no reviews from users who have experienced selling or buying first hand via the site. There are no editorial reviews for the website and no complaints against the site could be traced either.

WebClassifieds.US: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There is no record of webclassifieds.us in the business database of BBB. The Better Business Bureau doesn’t list any page related to either the company or the site. The site has no media coverage and no awards or accreditations in the name of the company or the site could be found either.

WebClassifieds.US: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There are no submitted reviews in the name of webclassifieds.us on Alexa and the site has got a global traffic ranking of 16,803. The site was found linked to different associated sites and the site is most popular in India. The Google pagerank of the site was found out to be 4 out of 10 and the site receives an estimated 228,895 monthly unique visitors.

WebClassifieds.US: Social Media Presence

The site is present on Facebook but any other social media presence of the company couldn’t be traced back to the site. The Facebook page maintained by the site shows 1,119 user likes against it. The site also maintains a blog which is linked with the website’s domain only. The blog isn’t so often updated and no posts in the last 3 months could be found on the blog.

WebClassifieds.US: Website Security & Safety

The site’s registration pages as well as the rest of the pages are open and unsecured but the payment pages are encrypted via 2checkout. The Google diagnostic page of the site lists it as not suspicious and safe. There has been no malicious software linked to the site in the past 90 days. Also, the site wasn’t found linked to hosting or distribution of any sort of malware by Google in the past 90 days.

WebClassifieds.US: Pricing & Packages

The site provides a completely free service for placing ads but there are provisions for updating the ads being listed on the site but the charges are distributed based on the features that are upgraded by the user. The costs are more or less equal to the similar sites. There are no products for which a user has to pay the site and one has to pay as low as $5 for getting featured ads listed on the site.

WebClassifieds.US: Shipping Rates & Policies

Webclassifieds.us is a free classified ad posting website that allows buyers as well as sellers to use the website’s various services for free ad creation, therefore it currently does not provide a shipping policy. Shipping does not apply as no direct product is offered. The company only provides a service accessible to customers without the mean of anything physical being shipped. Shipping fees are therefore exempted from all payments that will be charged to customers when final arrangements are made.

WebClassifieds.US: Payment Methods Accepted

The site webclassifieds.us is just like craigslist.com and other similar sites that provide the sellers a free spot to put their products for sale and the buyers to directly find the products of their choice. All these services are provided for free but the site also offers some paid services and accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal payments for these. Payments can also be done via the site’s affiliated retailer 2checkout.com.

WebClassifieds.US: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There are no products listed on the website for direct selling by the site and that is the reason there is no refunds or exchanges that are provided by the website. The site simply offers a platform for people to sell and buy products and the site in itself doesn’t indulge in any sort of selling and hence no guarantees or refunds are liable on the part of the site.

WebClassifieds.US: Product images & screenshots
WebClassifieds.US Coupons
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